Kids Dentistry
Your first visit.

We want to make sure your little ones always leave our office with the biggest smiles. We make sure to keep our dental checkups fun and lighthearted while being seriously committed to the health of your child.


Welcome to Smileline!

At Smileline, our #1 priority in paediatric dentistry is ensuring both you and your child are 100% comfortable. This starts by offering you an introductory tour of your new dental home, where we’ll point out our onsite amenities such as the brushing station and patient lounge, and explain some of the state-of-the-art technologies we offer in our clinic.


Visual examination

Let’s get started! Once your child is completely at ease, a paediatric dentist will conduct a visual examination to assess your child’s current dental status.


Diagnostic X-rays

Since every child is unique, the need for diagnostic X-ray work varies from child to child. We will only take X-rays after consulting with you first. Rest assured, we have the most sophisticated safeguards in place and the amount of radiation received is extremely small. Our paediatric dentists are also specially trained to minimize the exposure of children to radiation.


Dental education

We’re passionate about ensuring every child is an A+ student when it comes to caring for their teeth. We’ll review the best dental care techniques and offer brushing and flossing demonstrations to ensure you and your child both have total hands-on know-how for a lifetime of perfect dental health.



Variety is the smile of life! We have a range of toothpaste flavours for your child to choose from. Minty or fruity? Which one will they pick?


Smileline swag

Visiting Smileline is like going to a kid’s birthday party… your child gives us their presence and leaves with a loot bag at the end! They’ll have the honour of picking their own new toothbrush, plus a special Smileline Award just for visiting.